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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Limerick Summary: Deutsche Bank

Before I unveil this week’s summary, let me address an issue that some of you may have with my first limerick. Purists may have felt that I cheated in my summary of the Barclays, because I used “smoked ‘em” in the last line rather than “smoke ‘em.” Traditionally, limericks will massacre a word if necessary to make sure it fits the rhyme scheme, and I unintentionally broke that rule. But even though that was my first limerick in a long, long time and it was done in a hurry, I won’t make excuses. Instead, I’m revising the Barclays limerick so that the last line is “corrected.”
When the Barclays was won by Heath Slocum,
Did it prove that the playoffs are hokum?
Beating Els, Woods, and Stricker
May make some fans sicker―
But who cares? We all saw Heath smoke ‘em!
Now, on to this week’s summary:

There were many interesting things that could have influenced this week’s limerick, such as Tiger’s last-minute run up the leaderboard, the attempted upset runs by Jason Dufner and Dustin Johnson, Vijay’s failure to make the top 70 and Sergio’s strong finish to get in the BMW next week (it was good to see him smiling in the post-round interviews), and the late-round heroics of Padraig Harrington and Scott Verplank. We also saw some amazing putting exhibitions. There was a lot of good material from which to choose.

However, it was the atypical Monday finish that finally won out. Labor Day put me in mind of the play Love’s Labour’s Lost, which in turn put me in a classical, literary state of mind:
With a game that at times waxed Shakespearean
On a course that could be Luciferean,
Though he’s been tempest-tossed,
His was no Labor lost―
Plus, it made Stricker’s wins trinitarian.
Next week… the BMW Championship.


  1. Mike,

    I think "Smoked 'Em" is correct, as in, "Vince, in Vietnam when someone handed you a few joints, what did you do"?

    I "Smoked 'Em"...

    I was rooting for Verplank to get into a play-off with Stricker and Dufner. Scott should have started his birdie run on #14 instead of #15. Only four in a row to end the round obviously was not enough.

    Great limericks, by the way. Here's one:

    There once was a hermit named Dave...


  2. No good, Vince... Dave didn't play golf. ;-) Plus, the rules of "limerickery" (?) say it should be "smoke 'em," so he has to do it now, not yesterday.

    BTW, I thought Verplank was going to make it, too. Wouldn't that have given Fred Couples a problem with his President Cup choices!