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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Bobby Jones Update from the One-Eyed Golfer

Vince over at the One-Eyed Golfer has posted an old piece by O.B. Keeler (the man who is best known for writing about the career of Bobby Jones) that really caught my eye.

Some of you may remember the post I did called "Could Bobby Jones Have 'Cut It' Against Today's Pros?" In that piece I wrote about an experimental club Jones designed in the winter of 1923-34, in hopes of getting more length. The club he designed sounded very much like a forerunner of the modern oversized deepface driver. But that knowledge left me wondering: Did Jones ever use that knowledge in his regular clubs?

Well, Vince found this article that answers that question.

Jones seems to have made two notable changes from the experimental model:
  • The original had virtually no bulge in the face of the club; he finally went with a very pronounced bulge.
  • No mention of the shaft material was made, so I could only assume it was hickory; the woods mentioned in this piece used bamboo for the shafts!
There are more details included, such as the length of the driver (44 inches, slightly longer than standard for that time). But you can read the article to get the full details,

You can find the whole piece here. And thanks again, Vince!

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