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Friday, October 23, 2009

Introducing The Ruthless Golf Project: Brian McGregor

Hank Haney, eat your heart out!

Actually, this has kinda become a joke between Brian and me, and Brian is the one who first used the term project to describe this series of posts. So I figured, why not?

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up (shame on you!), Brian, who lives in Ottawa, Canada, first commented on a post I did about Jim McLean’s “V-gap” technique. That post is part of the One-Piece Takeaways, Coils & the “V-Gap” Technique series listed in the sidebar. Brian had been able to use the technique briefly, but soon lost it and couldn’t get it back. (That’s a feeling I’m sure we’ve all shared.) So I tried to help, which is how that whole series came to be.

About a week later, Brian commented on the last post of that series that I had indeed helped him, but he still couldn’t quite get it together. (I feel that way about most everything, not just golf.) We’ve traded a few emails since―and then, in a tragic display of brain damage, he sent me a series of swing photos. Further proving that the brain damage was severe and possibly permanent, he granted me permission to use them in some posts. He even thanked me for turning him into a project! Fortunately, Brian isn’t nearly as bad as Charles Barkley. His swing actually looks pretty good, all the way back to the top of his backswing. He’s getting into trouble on the way down, though.

This is a pretty common situation among weekend golfers. Although it’s possible to screw yourself up on the backswing, most players do pretty well until they get to that change of direction. The pictures Brian sent me were taken from directly in front of him; I don’t have any “down the line” shots. But the problems I can see are pretty common and not that hard to fix.

Some of you may be struggling with the very same problems as Brian. Well, fret no more! With the help of my guinea pi― er, student, I’m going to show you just how simple a good swing can be.

Hopefully, Brian will drop by to post comments about how incredibly smart I am… but you should at least see some feedback concerning how hard or easy he finds these tips to be, as well as what sort of results he gets from them.

And you’ll be able to find all these posts under the new category project brian. (What do you think, Brian? You’re not just a project anymore, you’re a whole freaking category!)

Well, here we go―the Project is afoot!


  1. Mike is incredibly smart! Ha ha!
    Does this project come with a free trip to North Carolina?
    Let the games begin!

    Mike is incredibly smart!

  2. Actually... if I remember correctly, it was Barkley who took Haney out for the expensive meals and such...

    Noticing little things like that is part of being smart!