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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let the Second Guessing Begin…

The Presidents Cup is over, the American team won, and Greg Norman will now be subjected to the customary aftermath of second guessing.

Should he have picked Adam Scott? It’s worth noting that his other pick, Ryo Ishikawa, was also criticized; the uproar over Scott was just louder. And had Scott played better, Norman would be heralded as a genius.

But what of Adam Scott? The former #3 in the world has come under even worse fire. Before the matches, some said he should have withdrawn himself from consideration; now, some are already writing off his career. (Here’s one written example, and I heard some equally depressing commentary on TV.)

Have we forgotten so soon? Scott ranks, what, #69 this week? From 3 to 69 certainly is a big drop. But if Scott is done for, what happens to the poor guy who drops from, say, #4 to #337? Guess we’ll never hear from him again, eh?

In 2005, that man was Steve Stricker. In 1996 he was #4 on the money list, then dropped to #130 in ‘97, bounced back up to #13 in ’98, and plummeted again before rising back to the top 30 in 2001. Then he dropped yet again, all the way down to #188 in 2003, and in 2005 he was #162 on the money list… and #337 in the world rankings. Now he’s… hmmm, let me think… NUMBER 3 in the world and Tiger Woods’s preferred teams partner.

Golf is a funny game that way. In fact, this is what people mean when they say golf is like life… it’s hard to count anybody out. Stricker came back; Wie came back; Watson fell one putt short of winning the Open, but proved he has definitely NOT left the building. It’s the nature of the game.

Forgive me if I just laugh at all the naysayers condemning Adam Scott to a new career selling insurance. Schwarzenegger said it best: He’ll be back.

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