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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Limerick Summary: 2009 Presidents Cup

Winner: The USA

Well, it may have been a bit anticlimactic after the ROW team fell behind by 3 points Saturday, but the golf was pretty good nevertheless!

For the ROW guys, Ryo Ishikawa lived up to the hype and made Norman look like a genius. (Adam Scott may not have been a worldbeater, but he did show signs of improvement.) Likewise, Tim Clark made a good case for being the best player NOT to have won a major; Zach Johnson threw out 5 birdies in 15 holes, only to be crushed by Clark’s 8! He played much better than his record this week indicated.

As for the USA, what can you say? Almost everybody came through at one time or another, with Sean O’Hair proving that he’s got some serious game. And then there was the 1-2-3 punch of the Big Three―and I think we can now call them that without being accused of overstatement. Woods, Mickelson, and Stricker combined for a 13-1-1 record and accounted for 9.5 of the 19.5 point total. That’s a monster performance in anybody’s book. Phil’s resurgence is amazing, as he gained his points with 3 different partners and received Sean’s thanks for more help with his putting. (With both Tiger and Phil giving him tips, is it any wonder he’s playing so well?)

Anyway, that’s the backdrop for this week’s limerick. As for that last line… well, they played at Harding Park in San Francisco. I’m on the East Coast, so that’s a three-hour difference; I figure they were finished in time for afternoon tea.
As Tiger and Yang got a rematch
And Phil offered others a mismatch
The U. S. of A. guys
Walked off with the big prize
And finished in time for a coffee klatsch.

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