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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the...? Facebook TOO?

Yeah, first I got on Twitter and now I'm on Facebook. Time marches on...

Not that I really have that much to say (yet) that I can't put it all on this blog. But I'm thinking ahead... or at least trying to. Everybody keeps telling me I better learn this stuff now before I get inundated by all the new stuff. I mean, really... Can I Digg it? Must I Squidoo it? Will I have to open a golf-ball-shaped club in Second Life, where all the cool golf avatars can hang out?

Stay tuned to find out...

In the meantime, I know most of you out there know a lot more about Facebook and Twitter than I do, so I'm open to suggestions. Just what do YOU use it for, especially in relation to your blogs and such? Feel free to add a comment to this post or go post it on my wall at Facebook. (It's probably better if you don't tweet it; I may never find your suggestion amidst all those chirps and twitters...)

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