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Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Throw a Club When You Can Break It?

With the weekend coming up, many of you are just aching to throw some clubs. In fact, that spoof golf tip video "The Proper Way to Throw a Golf Club" is still going strong amongst the golf blogs, including those in my blog list.

Well, that video was done by Charlie King, the Director of Instruction at Reynolds Plantation outside Atlanta. And now Charlie has gone one better. Why throw clubs when it's so much more satisfying to BREAK them? I will simply bow out today and let him give you proper instruction concerning "Anger Management - What Happens When the Urge to Break a Club Overtakes You."

So enjoy your golf this weekend... just don't get near my bag!


  1. Haha - nice find Mike!

  2. Great tip. I will put that to use this weekend. The club throwing lessons I took have not worked out as well as I expected.

  3. I'm glad to be of service. This is a great tip, simply because if you're getting beaten, destroying your opponent's equipment immediately gives you more strokes per side. In addition, since the clubs were not damaged in the normal course of play, I don't think they can be replaced during the round.

    I guess that's why Charlie King is Director of Instruction... he's a superior strategist.