Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harvey Penick on Irony

Today's post is very short because (1) I don't feel like doing much and (2) this tip is so self-explanatory that I don't see much need to belabor it.

However, we (and I include myself here) have a bad tendency not to follow this obvious little tip -- in life as a whole, and in golf in particular -- so I wanted to post it.

This tip is from page 143 of The Wisdom of Harvey Penick, and it's simply called "An Irony":
In golf your strengths and weaknesses will always be there. If you could improve your weaknesses, you would improve your game.

The irony is that people prefer to practice their strengths.
Not much I can add to that. Guess I'll go work on my weaknesses for a while.

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