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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Reorganization

If you notice a few changes on the site, fear not... it's just a little "spring cleaning" as I try to make the site more usable.

The main difference you'll notice at this point is the addition of a "page list" in the upper right of the sidebar. This is both to aid in navigation and make the site less junky-looking.

The "About the Blog" page merely puts the text of the posts categorized as "about" in one place. The original posts still exist, I'm just trying to make it easier for noobs to the site.

And the "Some Useful Post Series" page takes the place of the list I had in the sidebar of the same name. I have one more post list I want to add to the Fitness Guide, and I want to add a couple of other lists, but it's just getting too crowded over there. This page should make it easier to read the list.

I'll probably be adding a couple of new pages later on. You have been forewarned!

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