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Sunday, March 28, 2010

So... Is Ernie "the Guy"?

You know what I'm talking about... is Ernie Els the favorite to win Augusta?

Maybe it's a bit early to say, but this year his stats are looking pretty good. OK, not all of his stats -- but enough for me to say this may be his best chance in years.

With the exception of the Honda, he's been Top 20 in every tourney he's played this year (5 out of 6). He's got the WGC-CA win -- that's pretty big. In the stats, he's 2nd in the BIG stat-- scoring (69.02). He's 7th in scrambling at 70.09%, well above my 67% number. His GIR is at 67.50% -- 81st on Tour, but again above my 67% number -- and the individual GIR distance breakdowns show that he's money inside 175 yards. Plus he's 8th in putting from 15-20 feet (30%); he'll probably have a lot of those at Augusta.

I'm thinking Ernie might win today. And if he does, with Doral and Bay Hill under his belt, I think he might be the odds-on favorite for his first green jacket. And if I'm right...

My biggest problem will be coming up with a new limerick for him.

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