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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dramatic Weather Requires a Dramatic Cartoon

For the Valero Texas Open guys (and maybe the Bell Micro LPGA Classic gals) stuck fighting the weather this week...

Hope they have better luck today!


  1. How about the rain switching from Texas to South and North Carolina ? (completely skipped Atlanta)

    That 3 way playoff in Mobile was fun to watch...even though the broadcasting was incredibly painful to listen to. Yikes.

    How is it possible that xxx Golf Channel can't figure out how bad these broadcasts are. (does it really take a rocket scientist to figure out that Lincicome has a par putt at least twice as long as Pak's birdie putt ? Do you have to guess that the official you know by name was called out on the second playoff hole was actually called out there to give the order of play ? Does Tom Bennett actually know what sport is going on in front of him ? And on and on and on...)

    by the way - that is one of the greatest Bugs Bunny cartoons of all time !!

  2. I agree. This is one cartoon that wasn't really appreciated when it came out... now it's considered an absolute gem. The DVD has about 7 different alternate tracks you can play while you watch the cartoon -- wicked!

    As for TGC... at least we can find the LPGA broadcasts now. (Well, most of the time, anyway.)