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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Keep Up with Golf Scores While Cooking Out

Since this is a holiday weekend -- Monday being Memorial Day in the USA -- I've got a list of the live scoring pages for several of the golf events you might otherwise miss while traveling to different parties and celebrations. You can check in between hot dogs and hamburgers and see how your favorite golfers are doing!

The LPGA is playing the HSBC Brasil Cup this weekend, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. According to HoundDog's preview, it's a 36-hole invitational event (not an official event) with only 27 players. No, it won't be televised even if you're at home, so you'll have to click here for the HSBC Brasil Cup live scoring page if you want to keep up. (And yes, the scoring page is in Spanish, but you can figure out what "Resultados Online - Profissionais" means, can't you?)

The Champions Tour is playing a major this week, the Senior PGA Championship. (Shouldn't that be the Champions PGA Championship...? ;-) Fred Couples is favored to win his first senior major this week, and he's leading after two rounds. The live scoring board is here.

The Nationwide Tour is slacking off this week, probably bummed out because last week's tournament got rain-shortened. I don't blame them, and more than that, if you're gonna take a week off, by golly, take one off where you can count on a party! You go, guys!

The PGA Tour is playing the Crowne Plaza Invitational (aka the Colonial) down Texas-way, in Fort Worth. Not many big names playing -- and of them, not many staying; Phil Mickelson has already slammed the trunk and sashayed down the road with a 4-over. SPOILER ALERT: Phil will NOT be taking the #1 spot in the world rankings this week. You can keep up with the scores at the PGA live scoring site which, if you didn't know, is the same url each week. So if you save this site, you can keep check on whatever PGA tournament is being played.

I'm sure that bit of knowledge has greatly enriched your life. Don't thank me -- I'm just glad I can help. ;-)

And let me take a minute to give a big shout-out to John Daly, who is sitting at 5-under after two rounds and is leading the field in total driving! Shane Bacon did a post at Devil Ball this week that kinda summarizes John's year; maybe we're finally seeing his efforts pay off for him. I really hope so; whether you love him or hate him, John is a "needle-mover" for the Tour.

The European Tour is playing the Madrid Masters, and you can check the leading scores here. This is an easy-to-read page with links to live scoring, if you want to see the full field or just more details on the leaders. Sergio, like Phil, has already bid adiós to the field, but Luke Donald is in the running again this week, leading after two rounds.

Likewise, the Challenge Tour (the Euro version of the Nationwide) posts their scores here, with the same sort of live scoring links.

Ok, now I'm getting into unfamiliar territory... but some of you might be interested in the JLPGA tourney this weekend. If Google translated the page correctly, that would be the Yonex Ladies Golf Tournament, which is apparently a full field event played Friday through Sunday. LPGA players Mika Miyazato and Momoko Ueda, JLPGA star Yuri Fudoh (#26 in the world rankings and moving up fast), and legend Akiko Fukushima are playing in this event. The live scoring page (in English!) is right here.

The KLPGA appears to be off this week (thanks to the Constructivist for that info), but the Ladies European Tour is playing the Allianz Ladies Slovak Open, where Laura Davies looks to be playing well. Their scoring page is here.

Like the Nationwide, the Duramed Futures Tour isn't playing this weekend either. Maybe they can all get together for a cookout and fireworks.

Now, I'm positive I've missed something that some of you will be interested in. But I found this page that seems to have a link to most every tour's homepage. If there's a tour you were interested in that I didn't mention, you might want to check it out.

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