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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 HP Byron Nelson Championship

Winner: Jason Day

Around the wider world of golf: Simon Khan won the ET's BMW PGA Championship (they call it the "flagship" event of the Tour, so I guess that's like THE PLAYERS in America); Sun Young Yoo won 3&1 over Angela Stanford at the Sybase Match Play Championship; and John Riegger won the Nationwide's Rex Hospital Open, just a couple of hours from where I live.

Before moving on to the PGA event and limerick, I'd like to make a quick observation about the Sybase, which I (along with Stephanie Wei, The Constructivist, and HoundDog) updated all weekend. (Bill Jempty also has a wrap-up.) While I'm a little disappointed that we still don't have an American winner on the LPGA this year (Morgan Pressel did win the first JLPGA major, as you'll recall), if you didn't get to watch Sun Young Yoo's play this weekend, you missed seeing an incredible swing. She has amazing balance, and the sound of the ball coming off her driver is as solid as most of the big hitters among the men. You really need to see that girl hit some shots!

And at the Byron Nelson, the big story wasn't Jason Day's win so much as 16-year-old amateur Jordan Spieth's coming-out party. Despite a tough final day, Jordan posted a T16 against the pros with rounds of 68-69-67-72 on a par-70 course. He'll be playing at the St. Jude in a few weeks so if you missed him this week, you'll have another chance. You can be sure he'll draw a lot of TV coverage.

As for Jason Day... well, after beginning the week so sick he considered withdrawing, he fought the course, the wind, and his own nerves to win his first PGA tournament. Day entered the final round with the lead, and before the round ever started admitted he was nervous. In many ways, Jason's success is a Rocky story -- a kid from a tough background who made good. It's a win that's going to be popular with many people... and I believe both CBS and TGC said it's the 9th win by an under-30 player this year. It may not have been a pretty win... but a win is a win.

So here's the Limerick Summary, complete with obligatory "what a Day!" jokes:
A new Day was dawning in Irving,
Though his sleepwalking play was unnerving.
A rough up-and-down Day
Turned night-on-the-town Day—
A night of which Day is deserving.


  1. That is SO much better than anything the TV guys had prepared...yes...they write and rehearse their "spontaneous" winner lines.

  2. Thank you -- sucking up is always appreciated! ;-)