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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 THE PLAYERS Championship

Winner: Tim Clark

(I thought Tim had 9 second-place finishes; apparently it was only 8. I've updated this post to reflect that. Sorry!)

Around the greater world of golf: Fredrik Andersson Hed got his first Euro Tour win at the BMW Italian Open, and Morgan Pressel picked up her first win of the year at the JLPGA's first major, the World Ladies Championship Salonpas Cup.

It was a very eventful day in the world of golf. We found out that Tiger may have a bulging disk in his neck, which may or may not explain his struggles since he came back and which might take him out of both Opens. We saw Phil try too hard to make a run and fall short. (I'll be interested to see what his world ranking ends up being, especially after Tiger's WD.) We had a really exciting THE PLAYERS (that just sounds weird to say it that way). But perhaps most importantly, I picked the winning player for maybe the first time this year. (I snagged this photo from Click the image for their wrap-up.)

Tim Clark with THE PLAYERS trophy

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty darn smug right now.

Clark shot a bogey-free 67 to win. There's just not much you can say about that; it's an amazing score, given that the course was playing about 3 strokes harder Sunday than it did Saturday. Lee Westwood may have some problems swallowing this loss, but at least he can call Phil and find out how he dealt with this monkey when it was on his back.

As for Robert Allenby... I'm not sure how he's going to take this one. He made a really solid run at this championship and, although he fell short, Tim Clark is a good friend of his who hadn't won on U.S. soil at all. That may make this loss easier to deal with.

This was actually a very tough limerick to write, because the theme obviously had to be "seconds." Not only has Clark been second 8 times on the PGA Tour, but he had one of the only two under-70 rounds of the day (Davis Love had the other, a 4-under 68), and I think they said his 66-67 weekend was the second-lowest weekend in THE PLAYERS history (Fred Couples being the leader in that category). Do you have any idea how few words rhyme with "second"? Besides "reckoned" and "beckoned," you're pretty much out of luck.

Of course, there are more words that rhyme with "players"... and most of them are pretty useless for limerick-writing. But I gave it a shot; hopefully it doesn't splash like Lee at 17.
With Tim Clark’s first win at THE PLAYERS,
Perhaps he can quiet naysayers
Who may not have reckoned
That eight times at second
Were just his career’s bottom layers.


  1. I LOVE IT ! This could be your best of the year to date.

  2. Congrats on picking the winner, Mike. Very impressive. I've thought about picking the actual winner in the past, but it would only ruin my perfect record. ;-)

  3. Well, you know what they say about variety... ;-)