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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sybase Final Four

Well, it wasn't what we expected, was it?

Here's what we ended up with. The ones in italics are the ones I didn't pick:
  • Wright Bracket: Angela Stanford
  • Sorenstam Bracket: Amy Yang
  • Whitworth Bracket: Jiyai Shin
  • Berg Bracket: Sun Young Yoo
The big shocker here was Yani Tseng losing 2&1 to Sun Young Yoo. I never would have predicted that one, given how she played all week (especially Saturday morning).

Amy Yang also squeaked by with a 1-up finish over Haeji Kang. So much for this week's Cinderella story.

A lot of people may have been surprised that Shin beat Wie 2&1. I expected Wie to have more trouble with the Pelz system than she did -- that's not a criticism of Dave Pelz, just an acknowledgment that he teaches a system and that it takes more than a few days to develop consistency with it. Ironically, it was Michelle's iron play that killed her; when your opponent puts 7-wood shots inside your 7-irons, you're just doomed.

As for my picks: Since Angela Stanford did end up crushing Catriona Matthew 5&3 (maybe neither's play wasn't crushing, but the score was) and Yani didn't make it through, I'm now picking Angela Stanford to win. Since the semis look to be Stanford v Yang and Shin v Yoo, I expect a Stanford v Shin final.

How bizarre will the last day be? I'm not sure the golf gods themselves know anymore!

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