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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 U.S. Open

Winner: Graeme McDowell

Around the wider world of golf: Ai Miyazato won the ShopRite LPGA Classic (her 4th LPGA win this season! -- more info at HoundDog LPGA); Mi-Jeong Jeon won the Nichirei PGM Ladies on the JLPGA Tour (more info at Mostly Harmless); and believe it or not, there was a European Tour event this week -- the Saint-Omer Open -- won by Martin Wiegele.

Graeme McDowell holding U.S. Open trophy at Pebble Beach
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Sunday afternoon, Pebble Beach stood up and defended herself against all those who claimed she was too short to host a great U.S. Open. Everybody went backwards -- of the top 11, only Matt Kuchar (T6) posted a score under par. Dustin Johnson will be smarting from his 81 for a while; his par-triple-double-single bogey start brought everybody back into the game.

The only problem was, nobody was moving up to challenge Graeme McDowell, who held his ground through the front 9. Players would surge forward only to fall back, including an early run by Davis Love III. In the end, the only guy who could mount a challenge was Frenchman Gregory Havret, who you may not be familiar with unless you keep up with the European Tour. In the end, the Open first-timer fell one stroke short and McDowell became the one to break Europe's 40-year drought in the U.S. Open. (Tony Jacklin last won it, back in 1970.) McDowell's dad was also there to share it with him. Ah, Father's Day...

Els finished 3rd; Woods and Mickelson tied for 4th. Els was too distraught to talk, but give Woods and Mickelson credit for talking to the press (both on NBC and after the round in the media room). Tiger would never have done this before, and Phil even managed to joke that at least it wasn't a 2nd. It's also a moral victory of sorts for Tiger, who finally managed to tie Phil at an event since "it" happened.

All-in-all, it was an exciting event.

I had to write about four different limericks for this summary. I'd write one for the leader, only to have them crash and burn. Although McDowell was one of the first ones I wrote (along with Johnson), he started coming back to the field on the back 9 and I had to start scrambling. I was struggling to find rhymes for "Havret" when Graeme finally settled down... so here's what truly turned out to be a Major limerick. By the way, in case you don't know, rebutting means "to present opposing evidence or arguments."
Hear the legend of Graeme McDowell:
While Pebble’s greens caused men to growl,
Graeme did his rebutting
By calmly outputting
Them all, till they threw in the towel.


  1. Nice that you get to write a limrick about an Irishman, eh ? :-)

    What you call a "problem" with no one moving up to catch McDowell, I'd suggest is more US Open pressure and course toughness. If the leaders, the guys who were playing the best, were falling away, why would you expect big moves from the guys not playing as well ? Havert moved up, Els moved up...but fell back in the end. Johnson bounced back from his two hole nightmare.

    Why do people downgrade the winner by making those kinds of suggestions ? McDowell played the best 72 holes - and Havret made it close to the last putt.

    Pretty darn good if you ask me.

  2. I didn't mean it as a putdown, although I certainly heard a lot of that last night in the comments after the round. I've said more than once that McDowell is no fluke -- he's one of the players I follow on the ET -- and I think it's interesting that Phil turned out to be correct in his original assessment that par was good enough to win.

    I just meant that, after seeming to put it away on Saturday, Johnson's three-hole collapse was what everybody needed if they were to have a chance... but nobody was able to grab that chance except McDowell and Havret.

    Personally, after he got himself into position Saturday night, I was pulling for McDowell. I'm quite happy with the finish!

  3. In all honesty, you can make that scoring prediction every year at the US Open. I you're right, it's tradition. If you're wrong - nobody cares.

    Any of those guys would have been fun to see holding the trophy - McDowell, Havret, Woods, Mickelnuts, or my choice, Ernie Els.

  4. Hey Mike. I used your limerick as part of my last post. It summed up my post perfectly. Gave you a little link love as well. Great post.

  5. Dex -- Thanks for the link, and I'm glad you enjoyed the limerick. I liked your post! ;-)

    Court -- Actually, after Johnson had that +6 run, I thought Ernie was the favorite. I think he still has several majors in him, despite what his critics say. Although I've picked Tiger to win the Open and Westwood at the PGA, I wouldn't be surprised if Ernie won either one. He just needs to get used to being in contention again.