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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Quick Overview of the Women's U.S. Open

My internet problems continue, so I'll have to make this overview brief.

Here are the Top 10 in the Rolex Rankings after the Jamie Farr, showing their point average and how many tournaments that average is figured against:
Cristie Kerr: 10.55, 45
Ai Miyazato: 10.39, 55
Jiyai Shin: 9.63, 59
Suzann Pettersen: 8.98, 44
Yani Tseng: 8.35, 55
Anna Nordqvist: 7.54, 34
Song-Hee Kim: 7.06, 51
Na Yeon Choi: 6.96, 52
Karrie Webb: 6.79, 43
Michelle Wie: 6.55, 34
Important to note: Kerr and Miyazato improved their positions without playing, as each "lost" a tournament off the back end of their rankings from 2 years ago. Shin improved because of her solid play at the Farr, although not as much as we might have expected because she has played so many events. Kim also improved her position, and Choi jumped 3 positions back into the Top 10.

Here's what I think you need to watch for among the Top 10 this week: Kerr gained almost 2 points with her win at the Wegmans LPGA to grab #1; she had 45-46 tournaments counting that week. That means Pettersen and Webb could both probably pick up that many points with a win as well. Miyazato, Shin, Kim, and Choi have nearly 10 more tournaments in that count, which means they will likely gain maybe 1.5 points. And Nordqvist and Wie, with 10 or more less tournaments than Kerr, might be able to get as many as 3 points.

What this means is that any of the Top 6 -- except for Tseng -- could conceivably be #1 after this week if they play well and the others don't. I think #1 will need an average above 10.00 to have a shot at the top. And numbers 6-10 could possibly make the Top 5 with great finishes.

That's about all I have time for today, but at least that should give you an idea of what we're looking at. This could be a memorable Open for quite a few ladies... and with the British only 3 weeks later... !

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