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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rookies at the Women's U.S. Open

My internet setup here at Disney continues to be something of a problem, but I'm trying to soldier on with a look at the rookies at the Open. Thanks to the Constructivist for the help finding the rookie points list. Asterisks mean the rookie is playing this week:
Azahara Munoz*: 359.00
Amanda Blumenherst*: 242.00
Gwladys Nocera*: 124.00
Beatriz Recari: 108.00
Mariajo Uribe: 63.00
Misun Cho: 44.00
Marianne Skarpnord*: 33.00
Pernilla Lindberg: 32.00
Yoo Kyeong Kim: 25.00
Mina Harigae: 25.00
Recari was, as expected, the big mover last week... but Skarpnord is the real wild card this week. Since she is the only rookie outside the "Big 3" who's playing, this could be her chance to make some serious noise. I don't know how many rookie points are at stake this week, but her opportunity to get to #4 looks pretty good.

As for the 3 main contenders at this point, I'm expecting a bit of a battle -- the course looks to be a real bear -- but I expect Munoz to pad her lead some. As well as she's been playing lately, she might even have a shot Sunday afternoon. We'll just have to see.

I don't know how much of the Open I'll get to see, but I'll try to drop you a few of my invaluable observations as I get the chance. *sigh* I never thought I'd miss an unlimited internet connection so much...


  1. I couldn't find her on the scoring page before the tournament, TC, even though I used the page search function in my browser. But I was in a hurry (the internet limitations again) so I must have just missed it. Sorry! (Thanks for catching it, BTW, so everybody knows she IS playing.)