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Saturday, July 17, 2010

She's Not Naked Anymore, Tom

So much for the old girl and modesty. After Tom Watson's remark that "the old lady was naked" on Thursday, St. Andrews showed her bitchier side Friday. Play was delayed for just over an hour as winds gusting to 42mph blew balls across the greens out near the turn. I don't think anybody shot better than 1-under in the afternoon wave... and one of those rounds came from amateur Jin Jeong, the South Korean who will end up as low amateur simply because he's the only one to make the cut. Congrats to Jin! (He still had one hole to play when I wrote this, but I think the worst he'll finish even for the round.)

Louis Oosthuizen at the OpenLouis Oosthuizen (I believe the official pronunciation has been settled by Trevor Immelman as oohst'-hay-zen) has a 5-stroke lead over Mark Calcavecchia (another unexpected story). I suspect most of the players are looking at Calc's -7 instead of "Shrek's" -12, as our leader is in uncharted territory and no one knows how he will hold up. Still, he seems to have broken through this year (you may remember that I mentioned his first win on the Euro Tour a few months ago) and he just may surprise everybody. (The pic comes from this article at and it gives a different pronunciation than Trevor. Forgive me for going with the South African rather than the PGA.)

Yesterday's stories certainly played out today. Rory McIlroy followed his record-tying round with a record flip-flop -- 63-80 is just a roller coaster! He did make the cut at -1 (T38), however. John Daly shot 4-over to finish at -2 (T28); he didn't stop to talk with the media, but I suspect he'll feel better Saturday morning simply because he's still playing! Tom Watson missed the cut, but Tiger waved his group through so Tom could have some daylight to say goodbye to St. Andrews. And Tiger held on, shooting 1-over to finish at -4 (T15) and definitely in the hunt. Mickelson did at least make the cut, finishing even par (T46)  for the two rounds.

Of my five picks (besides Tiger, that is) -- Tim Clark, Ian Poulter, Tom Watson, Chris Wood, and Steve Stricker -- only Poulter and Stricker look like they'll make the cut, which could slide to +2 but looks like it will be +1.

Can "Shrek" really make things turn out "Happily Ever After"? That remains to be seen.


  1. Why wouldn't the correct pronunciation be cleared up by Oosthuizen himself ? He was asked by Wendy Nix and said it again in an ESPN piece where he says it is west-hay-zen...after which, every ESPN chucklehead continued to pronounce it anyway they wanted, sometimes two or three different ways from the same person. (lol)

  2. Loo Eee West Hi Zen

    How hard can it be to get it right?

  3. Actually, Louis pronounced it two different ways in two different media sessions -- once as woost-hy-zen, then once as oost-hay-zen. I just went by Trevor's pronunciation because I only heard him say it one way... and I figured since Trevor's matched one of Louis's versions, that would at least be close.