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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Since TGC Isn't Airing the LPGA This Week...

We have to make sure you know where to find out what's happening. Therefore, this post will be very short since I'm just going to refer you to the places where "stuff's happening."

Ok, here's HoundDog's preview of the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic over at HoundDog LPGA. This preview has info like course length, the top players appearing, etc.

Next on the list is the Constructivist's preview over at Mostly Harmless. This preview gives you pairings and times, etc.

And finally, you'll want to keep up with the scores. You can do that here at the LPGA's scoreboard. It updates automatically as new scores as posted, so you can just pull it up, leave it running, and check it when you have a chance.

Of course, both of these blogs will probably be posting daily summaries (that tends to be de rigueur for both of them for each week's tournament) so you can keep up with most of the news that's worth hearing.

Just because TGC has an agreement to show LPGA events apparently doesn't mean they intend to. Thanks to "the guys," at least we can keep up with what's going on.


  1. Wow - no TV coverage - so there must be some truth to the rumor that Jamie Farr's face lift didn't take and he wasn't happy with his new sundress and hat ensemble. :-D

  2. Actually, I heard Scarlett Johansson stole his newest outfit for a film festival she was attending. Can you say cat fight? I knew you could. ;-)