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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is That You, Earl?

The image is from and almost certainly copyrighted. If you have legal rights to it, don't sue me -- just consider this free advertisement for the show! I'm pretty sure that's what Earl would do...

Cover of My Name is Earl First Season DVDWell, he may not have the charm of the TV character, but Hurricane Earl certainly pursued a life of petty crime at the Deutsche Bank on Friday. Instead of ripping the field apart with heavy winds, he settled for dumping a few annoying rainstorms and continuing the season's low scoring binge as players got a soft course with easier pins and even an unexpected gift of LCP (lift, clean, and place). By the time it was all over, the first round finished on time and players had posted ridiculously low rounds, with the leaders (plural) at -8 and a horde of top dog wannabes right on their heels at -7.

Ironically, neither Tiger Woods nor Phil Mickelson was able to capitalize on Earl's change of heart. Phil fared better than Tiger, posting -2 (T61) to the Big Cat's +1 (T87), but neither succeeded like the rank and file. In fact, apart from Stricker and Furyk (my pick this week), most of the big guys seem to be struggling.

The real question is... did Earl rob 'em blind, or did the Tour?

The points list of just two weeks ago looks very little like the projected list after Friday's round. Last year the PGA tweaked the points to allow a little "volatility," hoping to prevent the Cup from being wrapped up in the first week or two. Now it's looking more like Earl's proverbial lottery... and there's a whole bunch of winning tickets floating around!

All-in-all, Earl probably ended up being as popular Friday as the character from the show. It remains to be seen if this is a permanent change of heart or if the Tour is just another name on his "to do" list.

But it would appear that karma is indeed a funny thing.


  1. Dude - you've been hanging at at WR too much. "...Did Earl rob 'em blind, or did the Tour?" What does that mean ? How in the world could The Tour rob anyone blind ? Tiger played in some really nice weater - so Earl's off the hook.

    Have to say, after Earl made his run up into Canada, they got a really good break from what was predicted early in the week when it was a Catagory 4 storm. Looks like they only got 30mph winds and maybe an inch or two of rain overnight. Talk about a sigh of relief - especially out on Cape Cod and the billions of dollars in houses.

  2. Merely a poetic play on words, Court. But the question I meant to raise was whether the Tour introduced too much volatility into the points. I don't really have a problem with it 'cause I like watching 'em scramble... but I think it's a fair question.

    I am glad Earl turned out to sea though. I still remember when Hugo came through here (back in '89, I think) and it wasn't pretty. It was prom night here, and one of the church kids told me he talked to someone who couldn't find their car. They went to where they left it... it just wasn't there anymore! I wouldn't wish a hurricane on my worst enemy.