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Friday, September 17, 2010

My Articles on Golfsmith Have Gone Live!

Golfsmith Golf Tips logoYou may have noticed in my profile that it says I've done some writing for Golfsmith but, if you went there to look for me, you couldn't find anything. That's because the site I was writing for hadn't gone live yet.

Well, it has now. If you pop over to Golf Tips at Golfsmith, you'll find a huge variety of instructional articles... of which I wrote about 40. My articles "How to Maximize Your Golf Swing Speed" and "Correct Loft for a Golf Driver" were both articles featured on the front page when I checked, although I imagine they'll change those pretty frequently. In case any of you wonder how I ended up writing for a big site like Golfsmith...

If you see any of my articles, you'll note the words "Demand Media" after my name. Demand provides content for a number of websites like, eHow, Answerbag, etc., and I do some writing for them. Companies needing new web content (including some of the newspaper sites) often arrange for Demand to fill special needs, and Golfsmith decided they wanted to build an instructional site. I had previously done a few golf articles for eHow through them, and when I came back from Disney in July I received an email from Demand saying I had been chosen to help with this project.

Demand articles have to fit certain requirements, so if it seems that the vast majority of articles on the site (regardless of who wrote them) are about the same length and format... they are. The articles are mostly around 500 words long, for example. In addition, Golfsmith provided the titles for the articles they wanted written, so that pretty much defines how the subject is approached. It's a bit tricky to write on some of the topics given all the restrictions, but they've been ok'ed by PGA Professionals (at least, I know a few of the editors I worked with were certified, and several of the writers are as well), so you can be sure you're getting good info there.

And it also makes me feel good, since it's sort of a "seal of approval" for me. I wrote those articles based around the same methodologies that I base this blog on, which means that regardless of how unusual some of my suggestions may sound, the pros didn't think they were too strange!

So you might want to pop over to Golfsmith and take a look at the new Golf Tips section. It covers a wide variety of material -- everything from how to hit certain types of shots to what you should look for in new equipment. And don't forget to look for a few of my articles -- I'm pretty proud of what I did!


  1. Nice Mike!!! You know I will be there checking it out. How frequently will you be writing for them?

  2. At this point, it appears to have been a one-time thing. Their original instruction material only included a few articles based on some of Harvey Penick's teaching, and they obviously wanted to expand the selection. (Penick taught a lot of pros, including Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Mickey Wright, Betsy Rawls, and Kathy Whitworth.)

    But I enjoyed doing it. I hope they decide they want more.