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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pass the Deutsche (Bank)

I know -- you think I got today's post confused with this:

...but I assure you I haven't. Granted, I think the sponsors want Earl to pass them on the right hand side (that would be the east side, correct?), but otherwise I'm clear about my topic.

The Deutsche Bank Championship is the only PGA tournament to intentionally start on a Friday and finish on a Monday. The sponsors may be regretting that right now, since Earl's influence could put the tournament behind the 8-ball early on when he passes the Boston area Friday afternoon.

At the time I'm writing this, the weathermen are looking for winds around 35 mph and no major rain... although that's currently a matter of guesswork. It assumes an "average" storm path -- halfway between the two most likely extreme routes the storm could follow. At any rate, given the winds currently hammering the coast of NC (about three to four hours from where I live), it looks like the first two days could be rough if not downright unplayable.

Obviously, this could really give the guys on the front side of the draw (Friday morning -- Saturday afternoon)  a big advantage, since they could conceivably get one round in before the winds hit and miss most of the Saturday weather, maybe even pushing their second round into the good weather expected on Sunday.

And guess who's in that first wave? None other than Jim Furyk, scheduled to go out at 7:48am! And here's an interesting fact: After last week's alarm clock fiasco (and subsequent DQ) Furyk stands #8 in the FedExCup race -- 2,246 points behind leader Matt Kuchar. Furyk shares his tee time with #7 Hunter Mahan; then Kuchar, Stricker, and Laird (1,2 & 3) tee off at 8am; and the rest of the players ahead of him in the race tee off later in the day.

Hmmm... do you think Mother Nature might have some money riding on a Jim Furyk win this year? ;-) It's a turn of events that could make this leg of the Cup a little more unpredictable, as Furyk could do more than just make up ground with some good play... and a little good luck.

So, who am I to argue with Mother Nature? I'm going to pick Furyk to win this week as well.

BTW, people still debate whether a "dutchie" is a Jamaican cooking pot or just a slang term for another kind of pot -- a cone-shaped hand-rolled marijuana joint. In either case, the "pot" this week's players are after is a pretty rich one... and we just might see somebody "smoke" the course. (Yeah, that was bad, but I couldn't help myself...)

Pass the Deutsche indeed!

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