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Friday, September 24, 2010

Paul Makes His Case

As Court noted in his comments to yesterday's post, East Lake is holding its own very well. Only 9 players are under par, and another 3 are at par. The leaders are at -4, and just a little wind could do away with that lead quickly.

Still, Paul Casey seems determined to teach Monty a thing or two about leaving him off the Ryder Cup team. Sitting in that tie for the lead, he's the only one of them who can claim the FedExCup with a win regardless of what the others do. Take that, Monty!

None of the other 4 "controllers" sits at better than +1 right now, although it should be noted that Phil Mickelson shot +3 in his first round last year before dropping the hammer and winning the tournament. And this year Mickelson sits at -1, only 3 off the lead.

Because it's so early in the tournament, I'm not going to speculate much about Thursday but I am curious about something. Did it seem to any of you who watched the coverage that Phil is swinging slower this week than he normally does? Personally I think that could be a good thing, but I found myself wondering if it might have something to do with his arthritis...

And one other thing: For those of you who might be interested, Ryan Ballengee over at Waggle Room posted this link to a PDF that tells you what has to happen for each and every player in the field to win the FedExCup. If you're pulling for a specific player who's not in the top third of the field, you can get the bad news about their chances right from the comfort of your own computer chair. Thanks, Ryan!

1 comment:

  1. I'm just hoping that Dustin Johnson's round gets a lot of coverage today. He went conservative yesterday, leaving the driver in the bag most of the day. Being as far back as he is now, he's going to have to "let the big dog eat" to catch up.