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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Pick for Sergio

Wednesday night Golf Channel was debating whether Monty picking Sergio would help the European Ryder Cup team. The audience call-in poll indicated that most of them didn't think so, and that was the general feeling among the Grey Goose panel.

Sergio and Paul Casey at Ryder Cup
Sergio in happier times. Picture from this article at Fanhouse.

Personally, I think it's a smart move by Monty... although I don't think he did it for the team. I think this was a move similar to Greg Norman picking Adam Scott for the Presidents Cup team, although the reasons were different.

Adam has said that Greg picking him was a turning point for him. He had lost confidence and the fact that Greg picked him gave him a real shot in the arm. While it didn't pay off immediately, Adam's play has been improving steadily since then; he's even won once.

I think Monty is doing something similar. Jeff Rude remarked that he thought Sergio might get more out of this than the team, maybe even finding his excitement for golf again... and I agree, but I think there's more to it than that.

It's important that Sergio isn't playing. Sergio has reached the point where he's putting even more pressure on himself than the media and fans do. I think Monty wants him to feel the excitement without the pressure, hoping this will overcome his own hyper-critical self-judgmental attitude. Perhaps he hasn't lived up to his potential, but it's as easy to crush yourself under your own expectations as it is to be crushed by the expectations of others. I wrote several posts ago that you can't expect to get better if you just attack the symptoms and not the problems; Sergio's lost love of golf is only a symptom.

Experiencing the Ryder Cup excitement without the pressure to perform -- and then having the off-season to remember it -- might convince Sergio that he just wants to play golf and results be damned. If he reaches that point, the fortunes of one Sergio García Fernández just might change drastically.

And that is just what Sergio needs to break him out of this funk. If it works, I'll be glad to give Monty all the credit for one smart move. Golf is better when Sergio is in the mix.


  1. You could've stopped at "Grey Goose Panel" and we would have known that whatever they were talking about was going to be dumb and probably wrong. :-D

    I'm glad Sergio is going to be there. He has been a huge part of the team with his personality and love of the RC. He's the Euro team's Christina Kim...hopefully without the butt bumping.

  2. Personally, I like Christina's butt bumping. (Wait -- can I say that on my blog? ;-)

  3. only if the wife doesn't see it (lol)

  4. That's a relief -- I'm single!

  5. I think it will be good for Sergio. He needs to be reminded of why he started playing the game in the first place and a team setting is the best way to achieve that.

    I think it will make an even bigger impact on him because he is not playing. If he had been a player on the team, he would have went through the motions. Now that he is kind of on the outside looking in, he will have that "itch" to compete. Or at least he should. If he is able to be around the team and not get excited and be dying to be out there competing, then we know he might be done.

    I agree that Monty pulled a Greg Norman with Sergio as vice-captain. In years past, Sergio has always been that fire on European side. I really hope it does spark that interest again. I like to see him play well. He can really excite a crowd when he is into it, and his game is on.