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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gamesmanship, Woody Woodpecker Style

Yes, I'm taking a day off. (Obviously I'm writing this on Thanksgiving!) You all know I'm crazy about cartoons, and today I found one I didn't even know existed. It's an old Woody Woodpecker cartoon called "Woodpecker in the Rough." I'll let you guys decide if it's a turkey or not! Hope you enjoy it.


  1. I used to love Woody Woodpecker as a kid. I guess I still do because this video brought me right back to my childhood.

    Woody's actions remind me of this Lee Trevino quote...

    "You don't know what pressure is until you've played for $5 a hole with only $2 in your pocket."

    It's a good thing Woody is a master prankster.

    BTW, have you seen this Flintstones episode? Fred has some serious skills:-D

  2. Apparently golf was a much more common topic for cartoons back in the 50s and 60s than it is now. Maybe that indicates that Jack, Gary, and Arnie were a much bigger deal than Tiger and Phil...

    And then again, maybe golf is just more exciting when your only TV option is "Ozzie and Harriet." ;-)