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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Golf Channel, Show the LPGA a Little Love!

It's almost 1am Friday morning and I'm a little pissed at the Golf Channel.

They're the official home of the LPGA, and yet they aren't bothering to give the Mizuno Classic any coverage at all this week. Now your first reaction might be "It's in Japan! We couldn't watch any of it anyway."

But you'd be wrong. The first round was well underway by 10pm ET Thursday night, so they could have shown a couple of hours of live coverage before starting the live coverage of the WGC in China...

Instead of showing Big Break for the third time this week. We've seen it, ok?

And if they had, they could have shown most of the good play by Jiyai Shin, Na Yeon Choi, Morgan Pressel, and Katherine Hull as they moved up the leaderboard. They could have shown most of Yani Tseng and Ai Miyazato's great early play (both eagled the first hole). And they could have shown some of the better-known Asian players like Mika Miyazato, Akiko Fukushima, Miki Saiki, and Chie Arimura -- at least, they're better known to you guys because you've been following my links to all those posts by the Constructivist and Hound Dog, right?

Well, I won't be awake when they finish, but here are the standings for the players I mentioned when I wrote this -- their score, followed by the hole they're on. Yukari Baba was leading at -7 (F):
  • Jiyai Shin -6 (15)
  • Miki Saiki -5 (F)
  • Na Yeon Choi -5 (16)
  • Chie Arimura  -5 (F)
  • Morgan Pressel -5 (17)
  • Mika Miyazato -4 (F)
  • Katherine Hull -4 (17)
  • Yani Tseng -3 (16)
  • Akiko Fukushima -3 (F)
  • Ai Miyazato E (17)
Looks like it might be a pretty good tournament... too bad Golf Channel won't show it. You'll have to check the LPGA live leaderboard to get the scores. (UPDATE: Morgan just finished at -6.)

Get on the ball, GC! Show the ladies a little love!


  1. I agree with you. If they can show the WGC from China live and then two more times during the day, why not a couple of hours of the LPGA tournament ?

    In all likelihood, it probably has something to do with something technical. Putting it on at 10 would just frustrate people because they would be showing part of the beginning of the round and not the end.

  2. But that wouldn't stop them from doing a highlights show for the next day. I suspect TC and Hound Dog are onto something when they mentioned how many of the big names skipped this event so they could be ready for the Ochoa Invitational in Mexico next week.

    Still, when you are the "official home" of a tour, I think you should at least make an effort to provide some coverage of all the events. You can say you believe it's a "great product" all you want, but it sends a poor message when you consistently give it short shrift

  3. Agreed - but they are also paid more by the PGA Tour to have the PGA / Nationwide / Champions Tours on ahead of the LPGA.

    Cash is king.

  4. I agree. On Friday and Saturday they showed coverage of the Charles Schwab Championship from 4:30PM to 7:00PM. Golf Central from 7:00PM to 7:30PM. And then a replay of the Charles Schwab Championship from 7:30PM to 10:00PM.

    I understand that it is the end of year championship but they could have use that time to show footage of the LPGA tournament. It doesn't have to be live. Give us time delay at least.

    The Golf Channel is making it hard to attract the female audience because they don't show enough LPGA tournaments. I want to be a fan, and I am, but I would be an even bigger fan if I got a chance to see the ladies play a little bit more. I understand that there are fewer events for the LPGA. but that makes it even more important to televise them when they get the chance.

    I gave my niece a plastic set of golf clubs for her 2nd birthday. She loved it. She was pushing the ball in a shuffleboard manner rather than swinging at it, but she didn't put down her club for a few hours.

    She will need to see young ladies competing to keep the interest level high when she comes of age, but if The Golf Channel doesn't show more LPGA events, that may not be possible.

  5. My thoughts exactly. The tours sign on with Golf Channel because they expect it to help them grow a viewership. GC's got a ways to go if they want to live up to faith that the LPGA put in them by signing a 10-year deal.