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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buzzing Around the Bloggerhood

It's been a while since I did a round-up of interesting posts from the blogs I read. Today just seemed like a good time for it, so buckle in for a quick cruise around the bloggerhood.

First off, the LPGA hasn't swung into gear yet, but the Constructivist and HoundDog are getting ready. The Constructivist has determined the winner of the Mostly Harmless 2010 LPGA Prognostication Derby and announced the 2011 version, while HoundDog has put up some info to help you get your entry ready.

Over at Golfgal Gayle takes a look at some of the bad tempers she's seen lately and how we should deal with bad shots.

Down under at Aussie Golfer, Michael has ranked his Top 10 Australian golfers going into 2011. (Not to be contrary, Michael, but I think Jason Day should rank a bit higher.)

Shane Bacon thinks this is a key weekend for Phil Mickelson in a post over at Devil Ball.

The Armchair Golf Blog has gone all TV Guide on us as Neil gives his thoughts on Hank Haney's newest project, Rush Limbaugh.

Likewise, Dexter has a review of the reality show Pipe Dream over at Golf Tips & Quips.

And last but not least, over at the Whiffling Straits Golf Blog Mike wants us to give Steve Stricker a little more love.

These are only a few of the golf blogs I check regularly. By all means, if these aren't on your list, you should pop over and give them the once-over. And of course, if your all-consuming passion is great art... my Limerick Summary of the Farmers will be up tomorrow. ;-)

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