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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Limerick Summary: The Dawn of 2011

Ah yes, just what you've been waiting for -- the first Limerick Summary of 2011!

If 2010 seemed like a long dark tunnel strewn with pitfalls, pratfalls, and falling stars, then 2011 feels more like the light at the end of the tunnel. Granted, we don't know yet if that's daylight or just an oncoming train.. but since 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit (beginning February 3, 2011), at least we can get out of the way quickly!

Rabbit pic from animal.discovery.comThe European Tour began its 2011 season back in December, although it never really felt like a new season, did it? They played two or three tournaments, then broke for Christmas and New Year's before starting up again. But now everybody's back in action, what with the Euros playing the African Open and the PGA Tour hitting Hawaii for the Tournament of Champions this week. And while Tiger and Phil won't be playing for a few weeks yet, the rest of the big names will -- and each is determined to sniff out his own best way to the top.

Will an established player like Jim Furyk or Ernie Els use 2010 as a stepping stone to a new stage in their careers? Will one of the new stars of 2010, like Graeme McDowell or Martin Kaymer, continue their rise to the top? How about Hunter Mahan, Jason Day, or one of the young guns? Will Lee Westwood show that being #1 gives you that little something extra and build on his lead in the rankings? Will Tiger or Phil finally overcome their struggles of the last couple of years and reassert their supremacy? Or will somebody come out of nowhere and leave us all shaking our heads?

Only time will tell... but if we're lucky, 2011 will start talking this week. I wonder if it'll say, "What's up, doc?" (You didn't expect me to let that one go unused, did you?)

With all respect to Westwood, #1 is still very much up for grabs if he doesn't hop to it. Only 3 points separate #1 from #6, and #7 is only .03 points behind them. In fact, it's a mere 3.63 points between Westwood and #12 Els! A couple of wins or a couple of off-weeks could shake up the OWGR a lot. I think it's fair to say that the #1 ranking is definitely a realistic carrot for all these players right now.

So let's buckle up our seatbelts. 2011 could be an exciting ride... fur sure!
The Euros got started three weeks ago
And now we're all back to the status quo.
Though the Cat’s still away,
These aren’t mice come to play—
Is one the new generalissimo?


  1. I guess it depends on how good Westwood's Italian is. :-)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what Anthony Kim does now that he should be healthy again. He was playing really well before the thumb thing.

  3. Yes he was - I hope coming back early like he did doesn't set him back.

  4. Me too. Not everybody can have things work out the way Paula Creamer did. But having a few weeks off probably gave him time to get over most of the pain.

    And if Westwood keeps playing the way he did at Sun City, I suspect his Italian will be magnifico!