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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Long Day Ahead

The time lag between North Carolina and Hawaii is making it hard to do summaries. As it passes 11pm here, it's just reaching 6pm there... and a few players are still out on the course. But I'll try to hit the high points as they finish the 2nd round and prepare for a 36-hour final day.

If the online scoreboard is correct, despite talk of cutting to 60 and ties instead of 70 and ties, 83 players will make the cut. The cut should be T57 since the next line falls at T68, but the scoreboard shows the T68 group making the cut... and the next group is at T84. I'm going to assume the scoreboard is incorrect and 67 players will play Sunday.

The leaders are Stuart Appleby and Shigeki Maruyama at -10. Stuart's not a surprise -- he always seems to play well in Hawaii -- but Shigeki has struggled since 2008, his last full year, and he hasn't scored well at this tournament for quite a few years. It's good to see him playing well again -- he's posted two 65s.

I must admit I'm a bit surprised that the scores aren't lower since the boys are playing LCP (lift, clean, and place) --

Wow! They just updated the leaderboard since the final group finished and only the T43 group is going to play! This certainly makes more sense to me, as only 56 players will tee it up Sunday. Technically speaking, both the T57 and T68 groups "made the cut" and are listed as MDF, which means "Made Cut, Did Not Finish." For those of you unfamiliar with this kind of finish, it means those players will get the money and FedEx points that the T57 and T68 finishers would have made had they completed the full tournament in their current positions.

So today is setting up to be a real shootout. I'll be interested to see if Shigeki can keep this going and regain full Tour privileges for 2011.

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