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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Snake Shaker Returns

Many of you have probably already seen it, but here's Ben Crane's follow-up to his insanely popular -- and just insane -- golf fitness video. As you can see, this one's on preparing for your round:

I managed to keep a straight face until the :26 point and that wide-angle shot of him "communing" with the course beside the water hazard. I completely lost it then.

Today's pre-shot thought is... it all starts with a hum. Although I'm not sure I would describe all that as humming, what do I know? He's clearly the expert.

Maybe the Golf Channel should have approached Ben during their new instructor search!

1 comment:

  1. AAAAHHHH...You beat me to it. I saw this video yesterday. Crane is freakin' hilarious. I like all the stoic type players like the Ernies, the Vijays, and the Strickers of the golf world, but I love the players that show a little character. A little personality.

    Players like Crane help to promote the game to amateurs like me who may be used to the rah rah atmosphere seen in other sports like basketball, football, and soccer, where emotions run freely.

    Some people may be talking about Tiger in a negative way lately, but nothing is better than moments like at the U.S. Open in 2008, or when he chipped in at the Masters on the 12th. The emotions he shows in these circumstances are why a lot of people watch golf.