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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gray Cook on Deadlifting

The other major move Gray Cook talked about during Monday's Golf Fitness Academy on GC was the deadlift. Why is this move important?

Because any time you lift a heavy object, that's a deadlift. Too many people develop serious and chronic injuries because they deadlift improperly... and it's not just "normal" or "out-of-shape" people who suffer these injuries. Athletes get them frequently. One of the fittest athletes who ever lived was Bruce Lee, and he was laid up for months after doing an exercise called a "good morning," which is a special version of a deadlift.

I did jobs that involved heavy lifting of one sort or another -- and I mean heavy, like boxes of books at a bookstore -- for around 25 years. In all that time, I never hurt my back. The main reason is that I lifted items properly. This video demonstrates several different ways to lift heavy objects properly.

Gray Cook is a physical therapist, so he understands the mechanics of the human body. Take a little time to watch this video and try the moves. It could save your back. At the very least, it could make golf less painful for you.


  1. Nice post series. I actually learned this movement from working at Footlocker while I was in college. They have an entire video on preventing injury in the workplace and there is special emphasis on lifting heavy objects correctly.

    It's funny. I was at a pool party this weekend and the couple that was hosting has a small child, and now that I think about it, Gray is spot on. The way he described a toddler picking something up is exactly how she did it. Another example of, how as adults, we move away from what the body will do naturally.

    I want to start in on a golf specific workout. I think it will add to the improvement in my game. If you know of one, or if I have missed it in your prior posts, let me know. Just trying to be as well rounded as possible.

  2. Well, there's plenty of stuff around... it just depends on what you're looking for. I'll do a second post for Friday (6-10-11) with a couple of YouTube vids. How's that?

  3. I was looking into doing the TRX golf specific program. A friend of mine in Miami is Personal Trainer and he swears by the TRX bands. I've seen it featured a few times on the Golf Channel as well. I'll have to do some more research.

  4. Just make sure you choose a program that fits your goals. For example, TRX isn't going to give you Tiger's muscles! That doesn't mean TRX isn't a good program, just that you have to make sure you understand what the program is meant to do and that it matches your expectations. Almost all programs will give you good results if you stick with them.

  5. A good morning is not a special version of a deadlift. If you wanted to call it a stiff-legged squat, that would be less ridiculous, but still ridiculous.