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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Limerick Summary: 2011 John Deere Classic

Winner: Steve Stricker

Around the wider world of golf: The OWGR #1 solidified his spot as World's Top Dog -- Luke Donald won the rain-shortened Barclays Scottish Open with a final-round 63. Jeff Sluman won the Nature Valley First Tee Open on the Champions Tour, and Cassie Cathrea won the Juniors competition. As for the marathon better known as the U.S. Women's Open, Hee Kyung Seo (aka "The Supermodel of the Fairways") finished Sunday in the clubhouse at -3, but So Yeon Ryu at -2 has 3 holes and Cristie Kerr at -1 has 2 holes yet to play. You can catch the last of the final round Monday morning on ESPN2 at 10am ET.

Stricker is a bit happy after his win
"THREE TIMES? Did you say I won it THREE TIMES?"

Oh my gosh -- is that Steve Stricker actually getting excited about a win?

GC dubbed it the "Tractor Triple." Whatever you want to call it, Steve Stricker breathed some rarified air when he won the John Deere Classic for the third straight time. He might as well put a John Deere nameplate on his forehead -- apparently nothing runs like a Stricker. (And yes, I've used that joke before, but I never get tired of it.)

It's not like Stricker had it easy. Granted, it looked like he would when he finished the front 9 with a 5-stroke lead. I never took him for a drama queen, but apparently he couldn't live with himself if he just calmly chalked up three wins in a row. No, he had to bury his ball in bunkers -- twice -- and fall 2 strokes behind rookie Kyle Stanley before he could bring himself to finish it off.

But did he just birdie the last two holes with his typical well-placed approaches and simple putts? Of course not! If you're going to be a true drama queen, you've got to drive it into a fairway bunker on the 18th, leave yourself an impossible sidehill-downhill lie with no place to stand, then nail that sucker around a tree and over water fronting the green so you can pop it in from the fringe for the win. And when asked what he learned from this win, Stricker calmly said that he now knew he could come up with a shot when he needed one.

Ho hum. Just another day for the quiet Cheesehead we all know and love. Brandel Chamblee was probably right -- the other pros will be talking about this performance for a while.

Don't lose any sleep over Kyle Stanley's loss, though. His finish got him into the Open Championship next week, so he'll be just fine.

And so will Stricker... after he stops jumping around like that. John Deere is known for putting people on tractors, big guy, not in traction!

So this week's Limerick Summary immortalizes Stricker's amazing shot from the sand. Not that Steve needed it, but I'm pretty sure Deere has an attachment for that:
At the John Deere, Steve's always a factor
But on 18 he needed a tractor
For that lie in the sand.
He cemented his brand
With that shot and the way that he smacked 'er.
The picture came from this article about the win at

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