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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jack's Way

Yeah, that's a play on the Nicklaus book Golf My Way. I found this clip from the old Nicklaus video of the same name:

The clip is pretty much self-explanatory, but I'd like to explain one thing. Jack says the ball position is the same for every shot, and you're probably wondering how that can be true. If you look closely at the split-screen showing his setup with the 4 different clubs, you'll realize that his stance width changes with each club. (In fact, he specifically mentions it.) And when his stance gets narrower, it has the effect of moving the ball back in his stance.

For example, if your stance is 24 inches wide and the ball is 4 inches back from the front, the ball is positioned 1/6 (4/24) of the way back in your stance. But if you narrow your stance to 20 inches for a shorter club and the ball is still 4 inches back, it's now 1/5 (4/20) of the way back. You can see how that works. Obviously, if you don't change your stance as much as Jack does when the club gets shorter, you'll need to actually move the ball back in your stance to get the same effect.

I keep saying golf is no harder than any other sport -- we just make it harder. Sounds like Jack agrees with me!

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