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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Limerick Summary: 2011 Tour Championship

Winner: Bill Haas

Around the wider world of golf: The European Solheim Cup "saved" the matches by snapping their 3-time losing streak and winning 15-13 over the USA; Kenneth Ferrie won the Austrian GolfOpen on the European Tour; and Ted Potter Jr. won the Nationwide's Soboda Golf Classic. Both the ET and Nationwide events were decided in playoffs... not unlike the PGA's premiere event.

Bill Haas gets sore arms after cleaning out the Tour and FedEx

So much for the Top 5 players at the Tour Championship "controlling their own destinies." Bill Haas was what, 25th place? It would appear that playing well makes up a lot for a poor starting position.

Bill got to do some showing off in the process. He beat Hunter Mahan in a 3-hole playoff by hitting a shot out of the water and making it spin -- something not even he knew could be done.

He got to show off for his family, who came to watch him play. He really impressed his dad, Champions Tour player Jay Haas, by bankrupting both the Tour and FedEx all in one day. I understand that Bill won more this week than Jay won in his entire career. I suspect Dad will be getting a piece of the pie to make up for college expenses and such.

And he got to show off for Fred Couples... and, in a way, his dad again. After all, this was Bill's only hope of impressing his way onto the Presidents Cup. I don't know if it's as done a deal as most folks think -- does making your way up through the ranks to win the Tour Championship and FedExCup offset Keegan Bradley's two wins, one of which was a major? That's a tough one. I'm glad it's Fred's choice and not mine.

But one choice I'd love to have is how to spend over $11.4 million. So today's Limerick Summary is a tribute to the man with the heavy burden of doing just that:
Ten mill's a career worth of money
To Bill's daddy Jay. Ain't that funny?
Forget rainy days—
Whether Billy's or Jay's—
There's enough to make all of them sunny!
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