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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Putting from Off the Green

Today's post is very short. It's a tip from Ben Crenshaw that you may have missed even if you saw Champions Tour Learning Center on GC.

Like Nicklaus and Palmer, Crenshaw believes your worst putt will probably be better than your worst chip, so you should putt whenever you get the chance. Crenshaw said that you should putt from off the green as long as there aren't too many problems between you and the green, such as tall grass or an uneven surface. This is probably no different than anything else you've heard various teachers say.

However, Crenshaw mentioned something specific that I don't remember hearing very often. He drew special attention to the grain of the grass. If the grain of the grass is against you, putting may not be your best option.

Obviously it's not unusual for us to putt against the grain when we're on the green. However, the grass on the green is usually shorter, more uniform, and better groomed. When you're putting from off the green and conditions are therefore less than perfect, putting against the grain could become the determining factor in your decision.

He also recommended standing a little taller when you putt from off the green. Since you'll need to make a bigger swing, you want to leave as much room for your arms to swing as possible.

So next time you're putting from off the green, remember to check the direction of the grain. It could help you avoid leaving the putt short... or maybe hitting it too far past the hole.

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