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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can Sergio Get It Done?

To be blunt... yes, I think this may be the week when Sergio gets his career back on track.

Sergio poses after a shot

He hasn't won in three years. It's no secret that it's been the weekend -- specifically the third round -- that's destroyed his chances most often. And now he's leading the Castillo Masters by two strokes...

Going into the third round.

One of the nice things about golf -- at least when your game hasn't been its best -- is that, like investments, "past performance is no guarantee of future performance." But trends sometimes point the way, and Sergio has been trending upward.

For example, if you heard Golf Central Friday night, you heard some rather depressing stats about Sergio's play on the PGA Tour. Let me give you some that you may not have heard:
Compared to 2010, Sergio has many more tournaments where he finished under par than he did in 2010. There were 6 over-par scores in 2010 versus 4 in 2011, and the two worst ones in 2010 were worse than all 4 of the 2011 tournaments. In addition, in 2010 he had 2 tournaments of -4 or better; this year he has 8.
I'd call that a major improvement. Want some European Tour stats? Check this out:
In 2010 Sergio had 6 over-par tournaments on the ET -- 3 were +9 or +10 -- and one double-digits under par (-12). In 2011 he has had only 2 over-par tournaments --  the worst a +4 -- and three double-digits under par (-10, -14, -16).
Again, that's a pretty encouraging stat.

If you heard Sergio talking about his game Friday after his round, you also know he sounds much more level-headed about his play. He said he's still having trouble with his draw -- that's always been his best shot -- but that he's managed to get his fade under control, so he feels that he can get around courses now. And he really wants to play in next year's Ryder Cup.

All-in-all, I like where Sergio is right now. And the Castillo Masters is played on his home course, where he currently leads at -12. Perhaps this will be his 4th double-digit tournament of the year... and a win at that.

Yes, this just may be the week that Sergio makes a big step back onto the stage. Good luck, Sergio!

The photo came from this page at the European Tour website.

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