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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Forgotten Qualifier

Tom Lewis got a lot of attention this past weekend when he won the Portugal Masters, getting his European Tour card in only 3 starts as a professional.

Bud Cauley got a lot of attention this past weekend when he made enough money to become only the 6th "school kid" to get his PGA Tour card without going to Q-School.

But another player was also trying to get his PGA Tour card by skipping Q-School... unsuccessfully, as it turns out. But he deserves a little attention as well, since he made a pretty good showing for himself.

Hadwin at the Open

That golfer is Adam Hadwin, a Canadian golfer who made his debut at the U.S. Open, just like Cauley. Hadwin only managed to land himself in 5 tournaments, however. Here's how he did:

6/19/11 U.S. Open $41,154.00
7/24/11 RBC Canadian Open $228,800.00
7/31/11 The Greenbrier Classic $32,485.71
10/09/11 Open $130,312.50
10/16/11 The McGladrey Classic $8,000.00

That's not a bad showing, folks. He's got a T3 and a T7 in there. Granted, the McGladrey killed him. He had a horrible week and finished dead last in the field after shooting rounds of 68-71-72-76. He really needed the cash for a Top10, plus qualification for the Disney this week.

Still, that's $440,752 in just 5 starts. For comparison, Justin Leonard -- not a bad player by any measure -- made $445,362 in 25 starts. That's 5 times as many starts as Hadwin, but he made less than $5k more.

Unfortunately, Adam won't be in the Disney tournament this week, so his hopes of getting his Tour card without Q-School are done. But -- and this is big -- I figure his winnings put him at 145 on the money list, one spot behind Leonard. That gives him some limited access next season, and I think it's enough to skip him all the way to the last stage of Q-School.

Not bad for 5 weeks of work.

So keep an eye out for Adam Hadwin. He just might be teeing it up with Cauley (and occasionally Lewis) next season.

The final stage of Q-School runs Nov. 30-Dec. 5, 2011. It'll be held at PGA West, on the Nicklaus Tournament and Stadium course. GC will televise the last 3 days.

The photo came from this article at the Vancouver Sun site.

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