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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Got Nothing

Have you ever realized that so much bizarre stuff was happening that you couldn't figure out what to write about? That happened to me Saturday. So I just decided to link you to some of the weirder stories of the week.

On a sad note, golfing legend Dave Hill died on Tuesday, September 27. Hill won 13 times on the PGA Tour and 6 more on the Champions Tour, and was known for having a "somewhat sharp tongue." (If I remember correctly, he once compared Hazeltine to a cow pasture.) He died from emphysema.

Do you think your game has gone to the dogs? If you're a Jack Russell terrier named TeeTime, that means it's improving. Apparently this pooch has gained full course privileges.

Poor Luke Donald finally three-putted a green. His "three-free" streak only lasted 449 holes... since the Canadian Open back in July. At least he blew it on a 70-footer. (It's the little things, you know.)

Can he play or not? Apparently Tiger shot a 62 at the Medalist Golf Course down in Florida. I know it wasn't a competitive round and the course is only 7,157 yards long, but the slope rating of the course was 142. The max a course can get is 155, so it was pretty darn hard. And that 74.5 slope means a scratch player should expect to average about 2.5 strokes over par. The previous record was 64.

And finally, I have one word for you... Wossilroy. Over 81k people have looked at this picture:

Here is my new club @McilroyRory made for me.  on Twitpic

They couldn't wait for the media to give them a silly name, so they made their own! It just doesn't get any weirder than that.

There's no way I could have competed with this stuff. Of course, my Limerick Summary tomorrow is another matter entirely... ;-)

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