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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a Quick Reminder...

In case you "forgot," Tiger tees off today at 12:10pm in the Open. That's West Coast time; if you're on the East Coast (as North Carolinians like me are) that's 3:10pm. Golf Channel has already announced that they're going to break into their pre-game show in order to show his first shot.

And probably every other shot he hits, as well. ;-)

For those of you who are sick of hearing about Tiger, he's playing with Louis Oosthuizen (the 2010 Open Champion, who's been playing better as of late) and Patrick Cantlay, the amateur who set the Tour's low round for this year a few months ago. Since Cantlay has apparently already played a practice round with Woods, he shouldn't be too "awed" to play decently.

All-in-all, this will dominate golf coverage today. At least we'll have plenty to talk about when it's all over.

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