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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Limerick Summary: 2011 Timberlake Shriners

Winner: Kevin Na

Around the wider world of golf: We've got several first-timers this week. Kenny Perry overcame his grief over his sister's death Saturday to win the SAS Championship for his first Champions Tour victory; and Danny Lee won a playoff to snag the WNB Golf Classic, his first Nationwide Tour win. Elsewhere, Michael Hoey won the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the ET; Felicity Johnson won the LET's Paris International; Yukari Baba won the JLPGA's Japan Women's Open; and Hideki Matsuyama defended his title at the Asian Amateur Championships, earning himself a return trip to the Masters.

Look who's got a trophy -- Kevin Na!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that Kevin Na finally won. Do you have any idea how long I've waited to do this Limerick Summary? It's been begging me to write it...

Still, I guess I should take a few minutes to talk about Kevin's win first, eh?

Not that I know what to say. Kevin's "meticulous shotmaking" is the stuff of legend now, especially since everybody has seen that wild "pull up" he does if he doesn't like a swing he's already started.

They've also seen that incredible short game and putting stroke of his. If you only saw them, you'd wonder why it took him so long to win.

The most common belief is that Kevin over-analyzes his swing. He said as much over the weekend. Then there's his obsession with winning. He told Brandel Chamblee that not a day went by that he didn't think about winning. (After so long, I think that's understandable.) And it's hard to think the constant talk about his slow play doesn't take its toll as well. The fact that he persevered until he finally got that win is a testament to how tough-minded he is.

And he needed all of that toughness. Nick Watney pushed him hard all the way, and Kevin just kept scrambling and knocking in putts until he finally put the tournament away. I can't congratulate him enough. It's about time, Kevin!

Of course, the big question is whether he can do it again. Many players say that the second win is even harder to get than the first one. Fortunately I know the very guy who can help him. Kevin just needs to get out of his own way... and this week's Limerick Summary relays the key to his future success:
Kevin struggled for years, then voilĂ !
He's victorious now. Hip hoorah!
Can he win back-to-back?
Here's the key: Caddyshack!
Ty Webb says, "Be the ball, Na-na-naaaaa…"
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