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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Limerick Summary: CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia

Winner: Bo Van Pelt

Around the wider world of golf: Tricks and treats from all over the world! Yani Tseng got her 11th worldwide win of 2011 at the Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open on the LET, for her 3rd win in 4 weeks (the other was a 2nd). In the "almost-as-monumental" category, Sergio Garcia got his second win in as many weeks at the Andalucia Masters on the European Tour. Ken Duke shocked everybody by winning the Nationwide Tour Championship and getting his ticket back to the PGA Tour, while Rory McIlroy shocked no one by winning the Shanghai Masters, which really isn't part of anybody's tour but it paid him an insane amount of money anyway.

Bo knows Malaysia

Bo knows golf. Bo knows Malaysia. And now Malaysia knows Bo.

Bo Van Pelt has struggled with third-round leads. He'd had one on four separate occasions before this week and never managed to close the deal. In fact, it appears the hole closed up on those occasions, as Bo shot some truly unexpected scores -- think par or worse, much worse -- on those occasions. He'd won before -- once on the Nationwide and once on the PGA -- but it had been a couple of years. What would he do this time?

Likewise, Jeff Overton has struggled to get over the hump. He's had several runner-up finishes, but he just hasn't gotten to the finish line yet. He didn't even think he'd be in this tournament last week, but David Duval backed out and Jeff rushed in. What would he do this time?

The answer, which we thought would be "shoot it out" because of the wet conditions, became something a bit less climactic. Jeff could only manage a couple under par while Bo blistered the already-hot course with his second 64 of the week. He managed to beat Tiger's old scoring record by 2 shots with his own 23-under.

Even Bo felt this was his finest performance ever. After all, he put up a low number in the final round to win a tournament going away. And going away is exactly what he'll be doing -- to the WGC in China this week, with a lot of good mojo in his bag...

Along with $1.3 million smackers. That's always an incentive to play well.

Bo may not have won many tournaments yet, but now he's a big name in Asia simply because he's one of the first winners of a PGA Tour event there, so this week's Limerick Summary salutes the Tour's newest international winner. Hang in there, Jeff -- in time you'll be getting one of these clever little babies too:
The course had no problem with dryness
So Bo played without any shyness,
Though Jeff played quite well
And the whole field looked swell,
This week Bo was clearly the fyness.
The photo came from the front page of

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