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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to Armagedd--er, Q-School Finals

Well, today is the beginning of the end for a lot of dreams... for this year, anyway. It's the final stage of Q-School -- 6 days of relentless pressure and sleepless nights. Many golf fans consider this the most exciting golf tournament of the year.

Not the participants, however. They use stronger words than "exciting" to describe it!

Since TV coverage on GC won't begin until Saturday at 3pm ET, I thought you might like to know where you can keep up with what's going on -- especially those of you who are following a favorite player forced to endure this marathon of stomach aches.

Fortunately for us, has created a section on their site just for this purpose:
Over 150 players are scheduled to tee off starting at 8am ET today, all vying for 25 PGA Tour cards. (Well, 25 plus ties.) The next 50 plus ties get Nationwide Tour cards, and everybody else gets conditional status on the Nationwide Tour.

Let the cookie-tossing begin!

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