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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Q-School Drama Is Over

It's finally over. The bubbly has been popped (or the wrists slashed, depending on your perspective) and the 2012 tour rosters have been settled.

Well, that might not be entirely true. The controversy that erupted at LPGA Q-School concerning some bad advice given to Stephanie Kono by the LPGA itself -- and given to her more than once, it appears -- may yet change her status. The Constructivist has a thorough post on that little skirmish, so I'll just refer you to his site for that story.

But I can tell you that 26 guys finally got their PGA Tour cards Monday. (I thought they said 29 on TV, but -9 was the cut line.) Brendon Todd was the medalist at -17. You can check out the full list at the Q-School leaderboard page, but I'd like to pick out a few of the more interesting stories -- interesting to me, at least:
  • Seung-Yul Noh is a name you may have heard. He's been making some noise over in Europe for a couple of years now, and he finished T3. He's a promising young talent; we should get to see him quite a bit.
  • Several past PGA players had to go back to school. Aussie Jerrod Lyle caught my attention -- you may remember his hole-in-one at Scottsdale's 16th amphitheater earlier this year. He finished T5.
  • Remember William McGirt? He's the guy who made it to the second FedExCup playoff tournament but still didn't make enough to keep his card. He finished T13.
  • Harris English made a little noise earlier this year when he won the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Invitational and lost a playoff at the WNB Golf Classic while still an amateur. Guess what? He's not an amateur anymore -- he's T13 too.
I won't go through the list of no-shows, although I will mention James Nitties because I really thought he would breeze through. Instead, he had a terrible week and finished T115. But we won't cry too much for these poor guys. The fact is, the Top 50 and ties get a Nationwide card and almost everybody else has status of some kind on either the PGA or Nationwide Tours.

So the Tour's infamous "Hell Week" is over for another year. Now we can get back to worrying about the guys who don't really worry about tour cards or money or even room service. Ah, there's nothing like the old grind, is there? ;-)

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