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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Hyundai Tournament of Champions

Winner: Steve Stricker

Around the wider world of golf: Nothing widespread yet, just Louis Oosthuizen's win at the ET's Africa Open, which I wrote about yesterday. I guess if you want to get picky, since both Tim Tebow and Ben Roethlisberger play golf, you could include the Broncos win over the Steelers. Does either guy have dimples?

Stricks in Hawaii

Maybe we should start calling him Mr. January? The Ice Man, a chip off the old Hogan block?

Personally, I like Mr. Freeze. He comes from Wisconsin. He practices his game in the snow. And he's got ice water in those veins once he gets a lead, doesn't he? I believe he's 6 out of 6 now when he's got a solo lead after 3 rounds. He's getting harder and harder to catch with a lead. And he didn't cry this time... perhaps even the Hawaii heat couldn't melt the ice.

But there was some Hawaii heat. Martin Laird, Jonathan Byrd (the defending champion), and Webb Simpson all took shots at him. In the end nobody could catch him. Stricks had said earlier in the week that the Plantation Course at Kapalua was one place where you needed local knowledge to really post a good score.

He certainly had it on the final 4 holes. By my count he was 13-under on 15-18 over the four days. He finished the tournament at 23-under.

Ironically, although Stricks is a favorite of mine, I didn't pick him to do well this week. That nagging neck problem from late last year -- remember, he worried that it might keep him out of the Presidents Cup -- required several cortisone shots and therapy. I needn't have worried.

It's rare for Stricks to get started so early in the year. Is this the year for him to get a major? We'll have to see. Meanwhile, this week's Limerick Summary is dedicated to the man who, after struggling with a pain in the neck last year, shows signs of becoming a pain in the neck to the rest of the field this year:
He wasn't high up in my picks
'Cause some vertebrae gave him the cricks
At the end of last year.
But the winner at Deere
Adds some Hyundai swag. Way to go, Stricks!
The photo came from the front page of

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