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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Limerick Summary: The End of 2011 Parity?

Winner: Yet to be determined
Around the wider world of golf: What golf? Unless you had a video game machine and this puppy... Smiley Faces

Tiger Woods 2012 game

While we slogged our way through the end of the NFL regular season -- and hangovers from New Year's Eve parties -- the 2012 golf season quietly got underway. PGA winners from 2011 either arrived or prepared to arrive in Hawaii for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions this Friday.

Parity was the buzzword in golf last year. At least, everywhere but the LPGA, where the buzz was all about Yani Tseng. Despite the massive drives and power games of the PGA youngsters, few players managed to sustain any momentum. Luke Donald certainly tried to create some buzz -- which he did -- and Tiger tried to regain some buzz -- which he did -- but Yani owned the buzzsaw!

With the addition of Lexi Thompson to the ladies tour, the guys will have their hands full trying to prove they mean business. I figure they've got maybe a month before the ladies hit their stride; although there will be some worldwide ladies golf soon, it won't get the attention that the LPGA will.

So as we prepare for the new season, this week's Limerick Summary poses the musical question: Are the boys really back in town, or will the LPGA and "I Think I'm Turning Taiwanese" reign on the charts again?
While males bragged that their tours were brawny,
The dominant player was Yani.
But Tiger is back
And Luke's on attack—
Will oh-twelve excite… or be yawny?
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