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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New LPGA Schedule

Sometime back I said that I would do a post on the LPGA schedule when it got released... but a whole lot of other people have already done some really good posts on the subject. I'm going to give you links to them, but I'd like to quickly mention a few high points.

First, the number of tournaments is up to 27. Everybody is happy that the LPGA picked up 4 new tournaments, but the news is actually better than that. You may know that they lost the State Farm event (I believe State Farm is moving to the PGA Tour as a sponsor) and that they had a couple of "iffy" tournaments last year that didn't get played. None of those are included in this year's schedule, so there were actually more tournaments added.

The new tournaments include the return of the Jamie Farr (missing last year because of a schedule conflict, I think), some brand new tournaments that have already been talked about, and the return of events in Hawaii and Kingsmill (those last two have new sponsors, but they're places the LPGA used to play).

Also, the somewhat controversial Founders Cup (remember the "phantom purse" from last year?) now has a bonafide purse for the players as well as the charity purse. That's like giving them another tournament as well!

And Michael Whan says they may be adding another tournament later this year, but the details weren't finalized in time for the schedule's release.

All-in-all, you have to hand it to Whan. He made some apparently radical moves over the last year or so that got a lot of criticism... and they've all paid off. The LPGA is on better footing than it has been in quite a while.

Now, here are the links to some of the other posts. (Thank The Constructivist over at Mostly Harmless for several of them.)
And finally, here's the local video of the Kingsmill announcement:

I think that pretty well covers it. Smiley Faces


  1. The Jamie Farr was on hiatus last year because the Toledo area (Inverness) hosted the US Senior Open and it was felt that the weak local economy couldn't support both.

  2. Thanks, IC. I remembered that it was just a one-year absence, but I couldn't remember why.