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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Same Old New Faces

After 2 rounds of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions -- remember, it ends on Monday this year -- the leaderboard looks remarkably like a 2011 leaderboard.

Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, only the winners from 2011 are playing this week. Smiley Faces

But I am surprised. I know it's only halfway through, but should Steve Stricker (at -15) be blowing the field away like this? Isn't he supposed to be suffering from a neck injury? Isn't he supposed to be too old for this sort of thing on this sort of course?

It would appear that Stricks isn't any of these things. He's just AWESOME!

Webb Simpson is still playing well despite his off-season. He's just 5 strokes back.

And Kevin Na must have figured out how to hit his golf ball on the first swing. He shot -8 on the back 9, and became the first player ever to finish eagle-eagle in this tournament.

Yes, I'm surprised. I didn't believe we could start getting great storylines this quickly... let alone get them from everywhere at once! And the big boys aren't even playing yet.

This is already up to be another great year. There's only one thing I can say at this point...

Bring it home for us old guys, Stricks!

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