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Thursday, March 8, 2012

And So It Begins...

Just a quick video from outlining the main storylines at this week's tournament. Here's the most interesting one to me: I knew that Rory could lose his #1 ranking this week, but I didn't know that both Luke Donald and Lee Westwood could take it with a win.

It's possible that the embed code won't work. (For some reason, the preview mode of Blogger isn't letting me test the links to make sure they work, and this is a good preview of the event.) If so, try this link . And if that one doesn't work, going to this link and choosing the "PGA TOUR Today: March 8, 2012" video will put you in the right place.

All of the major groups will be playing during the broadcast, so if you don't catch them at 12:30pm you can catch them later tonight at 8:30pm on GC.

Remember, folks, this is the first time this year that all of the major players are in one field. Every member of the OWGR Top 50 is playing this week! Consider this a preview of what the Masters might be like. Cool, huh?


  1. Mike,

    The embedded video worked fine.

  2. Thanks, Patrick. The videos are more 'finicky' than YouTube vids.