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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Filthy Long

Have you seen that Ping commercial where Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan are playing golf and Bubba asks Hunter to watch his ball? I tried to find the commercial on YouTube -- no luck -- but I remember Hunter looking through some humongous binoculars and saying, "Wow. That's filthy long."

Friday Bubba was filthy long.

A little ole 62 -- 10-under for the day with a bogey! -- to take a one-stroke lead into Saturday. He's at -12.

And just for the record, Hunter Mahan was not filthy long. Bubba was hitting about 30 yards (and 11 strokes) past him. Bubba is the longest in the field this week -- even longer than Gary Woodland, who most players say is the longest guy on tour. (Woodland, at -3, is also about 30 yards behind.)

Maybe Bubba wants a WGC just like Hunter. Hunter has two, you know. But Bubba is filthy long. And he keeps playing like this, Bubba just might be filthy rich by the end of the week too.

It's good to be filthy. Oh oh oh...

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